Ruth Turns TWO!

Ruth was born at January 5th at 5:25pm 2016. I can't believe its been TWO years already. We are so amazed my her. She is full of personality and so smart! She keeps up with her big sister. I couldnt imagine a cooler 2 year old ever.  


Ruth is one of a kind. As her birthday was getting closer her I keep telling her she was turnung Two! Ruth would hold up her fingers and say TWO. It is the cutest thing ever. 

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We decided to do her birthday party theme was going to be Tuitt Fruiti! Ruth loves fruit and all things sweet. I was so thankful when Darell Lea Soft Liquorice contacted us for a collaboration. We sampled three of their six flavors. Check them out here: Everyone at the party enjoyed these delicious Darell Lea Soft Liquorice! The girls loved it! Im muching on them as I type this blog! 

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We did her birthday at our favorite cupcake shop Smallcakes. Smallcakes is a locally owned cupcake shop that make the most wonderful treats. I love that the cupcakes are made fresh everyday. We got to tour the shop and see where the cupcakes are made. All the kids decorated cupcakes then devored them! haha We opened gifts and handed out Tuti Fruiti Play Douh and our Darell Lea Soft Liquorice! It was a perfect sweet birthday party!! Happy Second Birthday Ruth! 

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PIPSNACKS the Cyber Monday win.

Hello MONDAY! Hope you all got tons of #cybermonday deals. I have two busy girls so all my shopping starts at night. I'm sitting here shopping with some Big & Littles pipcorn, while writing this blog!! (multitaskting) I will say before I got my bowl the girls knew what was up. Claire and Ruth love popcorn. If we walk into target the first thing Ruth says it POPCORN?! But I dont love all types of popcorn. I want the good stuff for them. made with good ingredants. When I found PIPCORN I knew it was a perfect match. Especially how much the girls love Pipcorns BiGS & LiTTLES.


Wait....What is BIGS & LITTLES you ask?! 

BiGS & LiTTLES is a mix of popcorn with popcorn! haha Pipcorn is beyond proud to announce for the first time Big Fluffy Popcorn and Mini Crunchy Pipcorn in the same bag!! I love that Pipcorn is Delicious Mini Popcorn! It also happens to be Gluten Free, Non-GMO, Vegan**, and Whole Grain. The perfect popcorn snack for the girls! So we have all four flavores to pick our favorite. With that said, the Sea Said Sea Salt was gone in two seconds, and the Big Cheese was next! So Yummy! Here are a few pictures and bouns video of what Claire thought about her new snack PIPCORN. (trust the video. haha)


We had fun taking a few pictures of our favorite new popcorn snack! If you want to order your own bags check out their wesite We are also doing a givaway on our instagram page. Check it out here:!!

Claire did a video to share why she loves Pipcorn Big & Littles! It was the cutest thing ever! 

Did you see that last second of the video? haha thats my favorite part. She loved it and you really will too!

HAPPY SNACKING!!  Thanks for reading. Feel free to ask me any questions!  April, Claire, and Ruthie.  Also please follow us at @organicallyadorable    


Thanks for reading. Feel free to ask me any questions!

April, Claire, and Ruthie.

Also please follow us at @organicallyadorable