Happy Birthday in Heaven, Pappy.

This morning, I was talking to Claire about Pappy and that it was his birthday today. She immedantly yells "Happy Birthday in Heaven Pappy Clair. Mommy, Do you think Pappy heard me?"                                                                                                                                               We all loved Pappy so much. And its so amazing to see Claire's sweet heart towards it all. We wish we could selfish and have him here with us, but we know that he is in a better place. We all want to keep that memory of Pappy. In our families case that is to restore his home. As I sit here tonight I think of the story of Pap I haven't shared much of. Our dreams of a home built from his family to ours family. Let me share our story about this home. 

Paps house 1.jpg
Paps house 2.jpg

First, thank you for taking the time to read this story or letter of love for this beautiful home!!  I'm writting this letter with a vision of what our family legacy will one day be as we carry on our family's heritage in this home. 

Our new home is located in the heart of PA. The house is nestled in a very small community in Centre County. We call our new home "Pap's House."  This house was originally built in the 1800's, and additions were made in the earlly 1900's.  This home has been the foundation of my husband's family throughout the years. It was the place where anyone was welcome, where generations of families were reared, and where I see our family continuing to live for generations to come. 


Clair with his children. 2016.

Clair with his children. 2016.

Well a little about the man we got to call Pappy. Clair "Pap" Sheats was a 93 years old fireball! haha!  He was still driving until about a year ago when he moved out of his home to live with one of his daughter.  Pap has cherished this home through the years, and it is where he wants his grandson, Mark, to carry on the family's legacy. As long as I can remember my husband Mark and I have dreamed of living in "Pap's House."  We would reminisce about all the family gatherings held there. We had dreams of fixing up the house after Mark and I finished college this included lively discussions of floor plans, renovations, and even children! We knew that the house needed "us" as much as we needed it to make it our forever home. Life, however, doesn't always happen as planned. After Mark and I were married, we moved away to Florida to pursue our careers. We had no money, so fixing up "Pap's house" wasn't an option then.

Over the past 9 years in Florida, Mark and I have started a family, and we now have two beautiful daughters with plans for more children.We visit PA at every opportunity...all vacations & every other Christmas, but as time has gone on, we have started to feel that something is missing...our family in Pennsylvania & our legacy!

Our family.png

In 2015 Mark's dad, Jon, was diagnosed with Leukemia. We decided at that point to move back to PA.  Since there were no homes available, and renovating "Pap's house" was too big for us to tackle at the time, we were not able to make the move.  This past January, Leukemia inevitably took Jon from us.  Mark and I live everyday thinking about the decision that we made to stay in Florida as long as we have. NO MORE.

After Jon's passing, Mark and I decided to officially make our dreams of renovating "Pap's House" a reality.  With hopes to start renovations starting this year, we want to restore this once beautiful home that had so much life and happiness to it's former glory and more!  We know that we are being called home to PA to be with family and supporting each other during this difficult time.

We also need you, someone out there! We are looking for a team with an incredible vision and a passion for restoring diamonds in the rough like "Pap's house."  Right now the house holds many memories from generations of our family, and we want to REVIVE this house making our family's hopes and dreams a reality by adding even more generations of memories!

The design and construction need a lot of help!  The upstairs does not have a defined living space, hallways, or bathrooms.  There are 32+windows and 9 exterior doors on the bottom floor. The foundation is stone, and the basement has a dirt floor.  We would like an open floor plan with lots of natural light (insert photographer sigh) from all those windows!  Our vision is restoring the rustic farmhouse with shiplap, wood, a neutral palette, and clean lines.  Ultimately we want
to keep as much essence of the home as possible but with updates to make it ours. 

Claire and Ruth wanted to share a little about Pappy's house too! 

We see the beauty in this home, even if its pink! lol

They say home is where your heart is and our heart is in Pennsylvania.
We are ready to go home!!

Love this dreaming family,

Mark, April, Claire & Ruthie

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