Savor It All

Savior.It.All. I truly love those words. And to often we don't take time to savor the moments in life. With 2 sweet girls, we make memories every single day and I don't want to forget a single moment! I was thrilled when I found Savor It All. I knew it was the perfect fit for us to keep those special memories! They are a unique way to save memories from our baby's life. Each box has multiple compartments to store the items that meant the most during that first, pivotal year.  And Savor It All is just a beautiful memories display on a bookshelf. 



I wish we'd had a Savor box for Claire, but we love that all of Ruthie's keepsakes will be able to be found in one place. Ultrasound pictures, an invitation for her shower, Ruthie's favorite giraffe rattle, pacifier, and more can be found in the box. Claire's School age Savor box will be our next purchase.



Ruthie's grown so much over the last two and a half years, but it's still so amazing how tiny her feet were! A tiny pair of socks will forever be encapsulated and remind us what a beautiful miracle both of our girls have been.



If you love the idea of the Savor box (and we're sure you do!), you can get yours at You can keep momentos from your childrens' first year, school, and even the wedding day! We hope you treasure those special memories with trinkets that will forever hold a place your heart.