Our Washabelle BED!!

Hello Friends, the secret is out! Claire has a washable bed! Yes, I said that right. The bed is WASHABLE. I'm so grateful for the bed company Washabelle. You can find more about them here: https://washabelle.com/  How it works! Your Washabelle can be washed and dried right at home. Simply unzip and wash the components separately in your washer and dryer as needed. Then they’ll be ready to go right back to bed. And so can you. I talked to the owner of Washabelle and she was amazing. Annie created these beds with a purpose!  that they can help all children to sleep well and be specail

So ours was delivered fast and it was easy to set up. Claire was thrilled! We got the bed when we were ready to transition her to a big girl bed. Right after we finished potty training. It was the perfect time just in case we had an accdent in bed we could clean it. I looked up all those waterproof bed covers, but I have never liked the idea of one those sticky‑stinky‑plasticky mattress covers. 


We have been using the Washabelle bed for almost a year now and I still have NO complaints!! Most nights I almost fall asleep on the bed with her and don't want to leave it. It's so comfy and soft.  When I was choosing the toddler bed I wanted something comfortable and duable. The Washabelle did is just that. I definitely recommend this bed to everyone!

Here are a few of my favorite pictures of claire loving her bed. You can put it on the floor, or on a frame. We have done both.  Claire also loves that she does not have to put sheets on it if she doesn't want to and often sleeps on it without them. The ability to wash it gives me peace of mind.


Again WE LOVE OURS!! I will be purchasing a second for Ruth my youngest in the near future. Thank you for reading! Please let me know if you have any questions! And don't forget to follow us on Instagram @organicallyadorable